Olá World People! No domingo passado depois do passeio e almoço no Ropewalk Market (Maltby Street Market) tive a oportunidade de visitar a galeria de arte em forma de cubo (White Cube) onde neste momento esta a decorrer a exposição do fantástico mundo de Gilbert e George. Entre corredores largos e tectos altos brilham as telas expressivas repletas de mensagens alusivas ao mundo urbano, ao mundo e os seus problemas, tabus e controvérsias. Após o vídeo da 'Singing Sculpture' que nos é apresentado na exposição é impossível sair de lá sem a melodia a tocar uma e outra vez na nossa cabeça. Deixo-vos aqui com alguns registos. Se estiverem por Londres não deixem de visitar esta exposição. Bye, Oli 
Hello World People! Last Sunday after the ride and lunch at Ropewalk Market (Maltby Street Market) I had the opportunity to visit the cube art gallery (White Cube) where this time they have the fantastic exhibition of the World of Gilbert and George. Among wide hallways and high ceilings glow big frames of full messages alluding to the urban world, the world expressive by screens touching problems, taboos and controversies. After the video of 'Singing Sculpture' that was presented to us in the exhibition is impossible to leave without playing the melody over and over again in our head. I leave you here with some records. If you are in London do not forget to visit this exhibition @ White Cube. Bye, Oli

'Our subject matter is the world. It is pain. Pain. Just to hear the world turning is pain, isn’t it? Totally, every day, every second. Our inspiration is all those people alive today on the planet, the desert, the jungle, the cities. We are interested in the human person, the complexity of life.’
Gilbert & George


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