Fur, the oldest fabric known to man and is one of nature's most enduring products. More visual and infectious then leather or wool but as equal natural, still nowadays a hot and controversial topic that drifts people apart.  

Back in the 90s groups like PETA they shift the popular opinion about fur with massive campaigns using celebrities like Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell : "I'd Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur". At this time only 41 designers where using fur in ready-to-wear, however, today there are over 500. All the hot designers, from Chanel to Alexander Wang or even Hood By Air and the iconic 'fourrure' Fendi are bring to the world trough catwalks shows from New York to Milan creations around this sustainable fabric.  

Whether you choose to eat meat, eggs or dairy produce, use medicines, cosmetics or any product tested on animals, wear leather, fur, silk or wool you will want to be assured that same animals have been treated humanely.  

It's easy to create conscious thoughts around fur and around the ethical apply to the animals because of the super visual impact of this fabric. At the same time is easy to be hypocrite and criticizing some one using a faux coat when in there own feet they got some kind of leather boots or on top of there shoulders a biker leather jacket. 

For those who simple criticize without any support or knowledge about this same topic you should know that there is multiple institutions like 'Fur Trade' or 'Fur Commission' that invest $millions in animal welfare research, certification programs and animal husbandry technology in addition to support the animal welfare legislation. 

If you don’t like to eat or wear products from animals or use products tested on animals then that is your choice. I believe in the right to choose for yourself.
Me wearing a Rabbit Vintage Coat and Damara Inglês wearing a Fox Vintage Coat

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